Middle American Research Records, Volume I


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Full Title: Publication 15, Middle American Research Records, Volume I
Author: Multiple Authors
Date Published: 1951


1. Early Textiles from Chiapas, Mexico. Lila M. O’Neale. 1942; 7 pages.
2. Notes on the Age of the Cieneguilla Cave Textile from Chiapas. Robert Wauchope. 1942; 2 pages.
3. Notes on Some Spindle Whorls from Quelepa, El Salvador. John M. Longyear, III. 1942; 3 pages.
4. Painted Stucco Heads from Louisville, British Honduras. Thomas Gann. 1943; 4 pages.
5. Report on El Salvador Clays. Kenneth E. Smith and Thomas B. Crumpler. 1943; 6 pages.
6. Dermatoglyphics and Functional Lateral Dominance in Mexican Indians. V. The Zinancantecs, Huixtecs , Amatenangos and Finca Tzeltals. Stella M. Leche, Harley N. Gould, and Dixie Tharp. 1944; 63 pages.
7. An Incised Maya Inscription in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Hermann Beyer. 1945.
8. The Maya Hieroglyph Chicchan Derivative. Hermann Beyer. 1945; 2 pages.
9. Anthropometry of the Chol Indians of Chiapas, Mexico. Harley N. Gould. 1946.
10. Surface Collection at Chiche, Guatemala. Robert Wauchope. 1948.
11. Preliminary Notes on an Archaeological Survey of the Chiapas Coast. Philip Drucker. 1948.
12. A Recent Attempt at Educational Cooperation between the United States and Guatemala. William J. Griffith. 1949. 22 pages.
13. Aspects of Land Tenure and Economics in a Mexican Village. Oscar Lewis. 1949.
14. A Tentative Sequence of Pre-Classic Ceramics in Middle America. Robert Wauchope. 1950. 40 pages.
15. Modern Pottery of Riotenco San Lorenzo, Cuauhtitlan. Silvia Rendón. 1950. 18 pages.
16. Notes on Present-Day Pottery Making and Its Economy in the Ancient Chorotegan Area. Doris Stone. 1950. 12 pages.

280 pages.
ISBN 0-939238-17-9