Studies in Middle America


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Full Title: Publication 5, Studies in Middle America
Author: Multiple Authors
Date Published: 1934


1. A Maya Skull from the Uloa Valley, Republic of Honduras. Historical Background by Frans Blom. Notes on the Teeth by S. S. Grosjean. Comments on the Skull by Harold Cummins. 24 pages; 15 figures.
2. Dermatoglyphics and Functional Lateral Dominance in Mexican Indians (Mayas and Tarahumaras). Stella M. Leche. 21 pages.
3. Sololá: A Guatemalan Town and Cakchiquel Market-Center. Webster McBryde. 107 pages.
4. Shell Ornament Sets from the Huasteca, Mexico. Hermann Beyer. 62 pages.
5. Manuscripts in the Department of Middle American Research. Arthur E. Gropp. 81 pages.
6. The Relation of the Synodical Month and Eclipses to the Maya Correlation Problem. Hermann Beyer. 21 pages.
7. Mexican Bone Rattles. Hermann Beyer. 33 pages; 16 figures. 8. War of the Castes: Indian Uprisings in Chiapas, 1867-70 (as told by Cristobal Molina). Ernest Noyes and Dolores Morgadanes. 49 pages.

Paperback; 401 pages; illustrated.
ISBN 0-939238-06-3