Ceramic Sequence at Uaxactun, Guatemala, Volume II


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Full Title: Publication 20, Vol. II, Ceramic Sequence at Uaxactun, Guatemala, Volume II
Author: Robert E. Smith
Date Published: 1955


This two-volume work presents the first comprehensive description and analysis of the archaeological ceramics recovered at a Maya site. The Uaxactun pottery was excavated by a Carnegie Institute of Washington expedition between 1926 and 1937.

Volume I contains chapters on the stratigraphic context of the excavated lots; the important diagnostics of the Mamom, Chicanel, Matzanel, Tzakol, and Tepeu phases; ceramic wares; decoration; types of design; mortuary, cahce, and specialized vessels; the dating of ceramics by stelae; and analyses of the pottery by phase. Volume II contains 86 full-page illustrations, mostly drawings of the ceramics.

2 volumes; 388 pages.
ISBN 0-939238-22-5