Philological and Documentary Studies, Volume II


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Full Title: Publication 12, Philological and Documentary Studies, Volume II
Author: Multiple Authors
Date Published: 1977


1. Palaeographic Guide for Spanish Manuscripts, Fifteenth-Seventeenth Centuries: Roman Numerals. S. K. Lowe. 1943; 12 pages.
2. Ordenanza del Señor Cuauhtemoc: Paleografía, Traducción, y Noticia Introductoria. Silvia Rendón. 1952; 26 pages; 4 plates.
3. The Hasinai Indians of East Texas as Seen by Europeans, 1687-1772. William Joyce Griffith. 1954; 128 pages.
4. An Interpretation of Bishop Diego de Landa’s Maya Alphabet. Marshall E. Durbin. 1969; 8 pages.
5. The Identification of Lienzo A: A Tracing in the Latin American Library of Tulane University. Ross Parmenter. 1970; 14 pages.
6. The Personal Archive of Francisco Morazán. William J. Griffith. 1977; 90 pages.

286 pages.
ISBN 0-939238-13-6