Community Culture and National Change


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Full Title: Publication 24, Community Culture and National Change
Author: Multiple Authors
Date Published: 1972


1. Political Changes in Guatemalan Indian Communities. Richard N. Adams. 1957.
2. Chinautla, a Guatemalan Indian Community: A Study in the Relationship of Community Culture and National Change. Ruben E. Reina. 1960.
3. Political Modernization in Three Guatemalan Indian Communities. Roland H. Ebel. 1969; 77 pages; 3 figures.
4. The Change of Officials in Tzo’ontahal, Chiapas, Mexico. June Nash. 1970; 42 pages.
5. Popular Medicine in Puntarenas, Costa Rica: Urban and Societal Features. Miles Richardson and Barbara Bode. 1971; 26 pages.

275 pages.
ISBN 0-939238-26-8