Middle American Papers


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Full Title: Publication 4, Middle American Papers
Author: Multiple Authors
Date Published: 1932


1. A Reconnaissance of Certain Mounds and Relic in Spanish Honduras. R. A. Steinmayer.
2. Some Observations on Indian Mounds, Idols, and Pottery in the Lower Papaloapan Basin, State of Vera Cruz, Mexico. Albert Weyerstall.
3. The Stylistic History of the Maya Hieroglyphs. Hermann Beyer.
4. Mayan Hieroglyphs: Some Tun Signs. Hermann Beyer.
5. An Ahau Date with a Katun and a Katun Ending Glyph. Hermann Beyer.
6. Correlation of the Maya Venus Calendar. Juan Martínez Hernández.
7. Maya-Christian Synchronology or Calendrical Correlation. Enrique Juan Palacios.
8. Dermatoglyphics in Indians of Southern Mexico and Central America (Santa Eulalia, Tzeltal, Lacandon and Maya Tribes). Harold Cummins.
9. Some Spanish Entradas, 1524-1695. Doris Zemurray Stone.
10. Fray Alonso Ponce in Yucatán, 1588. Ernest Noyes.
11. War and Weapons of the Maya. Prescott H. F. Follett.
12. Stamping: A Mass-production Printing Method 2000 Years Old. Maurice Ries.
13. The Maya Ball-game Pok-ta-pok (Called Tlachtli by the Aztec). Frans Blom.
14. Commerce, Trade and Monetary Units of the Maya. Frans Blom.
15. The Negative Batter at Uxmal. Frans Blom.

556 pages; figures.
ISBN 0-939238-05-5