Quiché Dramas and Divinatory Calendars


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Full Title: Publication 66, Quiché Dramas and Divinatory Calendars
Author: Munro S. Edmonson
Date Published: 1997


This volume is arranged in three sections. The first is the translation of the Quiché drama, “Zaqi Q’oxol and Cortés: The Conquest of Mexico.” Even though this play re-enacts the Spanish conquest of Mexico, the setting is in Guatemala and the Aztecs speak Quiché. The second section is a translation of the drama, “The Bull Dance.” Probably originally based on a Spanish play, it has over the years accumulated traits characteristic of Quiché drama to the point that one can now accept this as a Maya drama. The third section is a translation of a Quiché document entitled, “Calendar of the Indians of Guatemala. 1722. Kiché.” It consists of a description of the 52-year calendar round and two 260-day almanacs.

vii+171 pages; 2 figures; 4 tables; index.
ISBN 0-939238-96-9