Tekanto, A Maya Town in Colonial Yucatán


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Full Title: Publication 67, Tekanto, A Maya Town in Colonial Yucatán
Author: Philip C. Thompson
Date Published: 1999


A case study of a colonial Yucatec Maya town, based primarily on cabildo records (Yucatec Maya) and marriage, baptism, and death records (Spanish) of the Catholic church. It reconstructs kinship terminology, distribution of wealth, inheritance patterns, landholding types, relative sizes, sequence, pace, and significance of land alienation, social strata, town endogamy-exogamy, post-marital residence, patrilineage exogamy, compadrazgo, origin and structure of local government (cabildo), sequence of officeholders, underlying patterns of office-holding, and sequence of town headmen (batabob).

xiii+460 pages; 30 figures; 72 tables; 4 maps; 37 appendices; notes; index.
ISBN 0-939238-97-7