Research and Reflections in Archaeology and History


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Full Title: Publication 57, Research and Reflections in Archaeology and History: Essays in Honor of Doris Stone
Author: E. Wyllys Andrews V (editor)
Date Published: 1986


1. Snakes, Jaguars, and Outlaws: Some Comments on Central American Archaeology. Ricardo Agurcia Fasquelle.
2. Olmec Jades from Chacsinkin, Yucatan, and Maya Ceramics from La Venta, Tabasco. E. Wyllys Andrews V.
Appendix: Mineralogical Observations of Early Jades from Chacsinkin, Yucatan. Stephen A. Nelson.
3. The Mars Table in the Dresden Codex. Victoria R. Bricker and Harvey M. Bricker.
4. The Olmec Calendar Round. Munro S. Edmonson.
5. Some Observations on the X’telhu Panels at Yaxcaba, Yucatan. Merle Greene Robertson.
6. San Juan de Letrán: Colonial Mexico’s Royal College for Mestizos. Richard E. Greenleaf.
7. The Emergence of Writing: Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Civilizations. C. C. Lamberg-Karlovsky.
8. Central America and the Southwest: A Comparison of Mesoamerica’s Two Peripheries. Frederick W. Lange).
9. The Styles of Aztec Sculpture. Donald Robertson.
10. The Classic Maya Sociopolitical Order: A Study in Coherence and Instability. Gordon R. Willey.
11. Doris Stone: The Pathways of a Middle American Scholar. Stephen Williams.
12. Bibliography of Doris Stone: Her Works from 1930-1984. Stephen Williams.

viii+217 pages; 49 figures; 3 tables; index.
ISBN 0-939238-87-X, LC 85-62925