A Grammar of Mayan Hieroglyphs


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Full Title: Publication 56, A Grammar of Mayan Hieroglyphs
Author: Victoria R. Bricker
Date Published: 1986


Victoria Bricker’s study describes the grammatical structure of the hieroglyphs in the Classic inscriptions and in the Postclassic codices. It focuses on the glyphs that have, primarily, a grammatical function, describing where they are found and how they are used in the texts. The volume contains chapters on the nature of the Mayan script, pronomial inflection, U-allographs and Y-allographs of the third person pronoun, other possible pronominal glyphs, nominal inflection, verbal inflection, and syntactic considerations. It includes a transcription and translation of the back of Stela 3 from Piedras Negras.

xii+214 pages; 218 figures; 28 tables; index.
ISBN 0-939238-86-1, LC 85-60766