The Archaeology of Santa Leticia


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Full Title: Publication 52, The Archaeology of Santa Leticia and the Rise of Maya Civilization
Author: Arthur A. Demarest
Date Published: 1986


Santa Leticia, a small Late Preclassic site in far western El Salvador, has three monumental sculptures carved in the “potbelly” style. Demarest’s excavations in 1977 were intended to provide archaeological context for these important sculptures by developing a ceramic sequence and an understanding of the occupation of the site. The report addresses a range of other problems in the archaeology of the southeastern highlands, including the nature of the Maya frontier, the origins and spread of Usulutan pottery and of complex societies in the Maya highlands, and the presence of the “Olmec” style.

xiii+272 pages; 141 figures; 12 tables; index.
ISBN 0-939238-81-0, LC 84-62189