The Codex Tulane


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Full Title: Publication 61, The Codex Tulane
Author: Mary Elizabeth Smith and Ross Parmenter
Date Published: 1991


The Codex Tulane is a never-before-published Mixtec pictorial manuscript housed in the Latin American Library at Tulane University. Painted in the mid-sixteenth century in vibrant colors on a long rolled strip of glued animal hides, it presents king lists from two towns in the Mixtec-speaking region of southern Puebla. This first publication in color of the entire obverse of the codex, the most handsome in the United States, presents the codex on fourteen overlapping facsimile plates printed by the Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt of Graz, Austria. The commentary includes an introduction, summary, and chapters on the signs and pictorial conventions, pictorial contents, and glosses by Mary Elizabeth Smith. Ross Parmenter’s chapter on the acquisition of the codex traces its twentieth-century history up to its acquisition by the Middle American Research Institute in 1932.

x+142 pages; 50 figures; 13 tables, appendices, notes, index, 16 maps, 1 5″ diskette (feature database).
ISBN 0-939238-91-8, LC 90-27616